As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to officially record a sort of wishlist. I’m expanding my interests in many different directions and unfortunately doing so has caused me to desire a whole new set of gadgets, toys and tools. It can also be interpreted as a resolutions tracker.

I prefer not getting gifts. Now that I’m a student who’s trying to pay a good chunk of things now, I really appreciate the value of a dollar and gifts suddenly seem unnecessary. I have all that I need (although there are many things that I want). I do believe however that when you send signals into the world about the things you want in life, material or not, the world finds a way to either send it to you or give you opportunities to get it. I think that’s the concept behind The Secret but I never did get around to finishing that book. Either way, it’s something that I’ve adapted into my own life and have certainly seen it work.

This is my call to the material universe, suggesting things that I need/want in my life. Let’s see how much I manage to accomplish. If you feel being so kind as to get something on here for me, I will be eternally grateful, however it is very unneccessary. If you know of a sale/deal/tip/hint/promo code/coupon/contact that could help me cross something off of here, please let me know via my contact page or through comments. Thanks :)


  • Find a job during the school year
  • Find a summer 2010 job (preferably politics related) just relaxing for the summer :)
  • Pay off my credit card bill (normally $500+)
  • More money (because I’m pretty much broke until I get a job)
  • Find new suitable apartment for next school year beautiful victorian home across from park and up the street from the lake, how ideal
  • Find suitable roommates for apartment 7th grade teacher, young, sweet and sooo friendly.
  • Lunch/Dinner at 360 restaurant
  • Trip to St.Lawrence Market on a Saturday
  • Boat ride in Kingston


  • Paid advertising for my Blogs


  • Year/Lifetime subscription to Rouxbe Online Cooking School I love their site but I doubt I will ever find the time to go through it and be as dedicated as I need to be.
  • Gift certificates for any amount to any grocery store (Preferably Loblaws & Metro)
  • Reload Starbucks card for $10-$15 every one to  two months I realize I don’t go there often enough to need this
  • Obtain Smart Serve Certificate completed testing in feb and got my certificate/card
  • Piping supplies (bags & tips)
  • KitchenAid stand mixer
  • Hand Mixer Given to me by my parents
  • A Professional Knife Set given to me as a gift from my Godmother, yay!
  • A Professional Cookware Set
  • White and Clear dining set
  • Any cookbook (preferably one with many many many photos and pertains to baking)

I got Eat This, Not That! and Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook: momentum program edition, along with countless others given to me by generous companies


  • Wall Decals (design: birds, trees, inspiration words) ‘all you need is love’, ‘live laugh love’, a black board and birds
  • Couch/Loveseat/Bean Bag Not needed anymore.
  • Wooden Hangars
  • Black picture frames


  • Make-up brush set with brush roll (brand: Sigma ($89), Coastal Scents, Kirkland, MAC..etc) I got a E.L.F. 11 brush set, kirkland borghese travel set, still wanting other brush sets.
  • Coastal Scents fixed make-up palettes (Concealer set, 88 Warm, 88 Original, 26 Blush, 28 Eye Shadow Neutral)
  • Coastal Scents Color Corrector Quad
  • Any Eyeshadow colours from any brand.


  • Real Chanel or Gucci Bag I probably wouldn’t even use it like the dozens of other bags I own lol
  • Knee High Socks (white, grey)
  • Black leather jacket with hood
  • Queen’s cardigan
  • Queen’s jacket not really sure when i’d wear this again past graduation so decided against it
  • Gift Certificate for LaSenza
  • Sell clothing online (Kijiji, craigslist, ebay)


  • New Set of paint brushes for acrylic paints
  • Canon or Nikon SLR (lens, filter)
  • Canvas boards of any size

Skin Care/ Body Care

  • Haircut
  • Aveda Skin Care line
  • Facial
  • Cleansing Wipes Mac & Kirkland Brand, I probably have at least 150 of them now lol


  • Cover/Slip for 17″ laptop plain black slip
  • Updated versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator given to me by my dad
  • Game Coins for Wild Tanget Games purchased a few and done with games for now :)

General/No Category Material Things

  • Shopper Drug Mart Gift Certificate
  • Chapters Gift Certificate
  • Wallet Coach Wallet given as a gift for Christmas

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