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Bread + ice cream = love

Now we’ve all heard of ice cream sandwiches. Maybe the ice cream is inbetween two cookies or maybe thin layers of cake. But have you ever tried it with just bread?

My parents introduced to me the idea of eating ice cream (typically something Filipino flavoured like Ube or mango) and place it between pandesal (which is a Filipino bread roll) At first, this completely boggled mind because pandesal was used to make savoury sandwiches, often filled with cheese or meats. How could the two possibly combine? I was a good sport and willing to try anything once, tried it under my parents suggestion and instantly fell in love. While pandesal is not necessarily salty, it’s that savoury/salty combined with the sweet element that is just divine. If you toast the pandesal, you get the added interesting contrast of warm vs. cold. It makes for a great treat in the summers, very filling and beats the bowl or cone substitution. I would highly recommend giving it a try just once and seeing for yourself. :)

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Can I get some cheese with my ice cream please?

A world filled with so many different cultures inevitably brings different foods to the table. And with each person having their own specific tastes, it’s easy to come across something weird, unusual and often downright unpleasant. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or tend to stick to your pizza and fries, there’s certainly something strange you’ve eaten before. Care to reveal your eating nightmares?

Hands down one of the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten is cheese flavoured ice cream. On a trip back home to the Philippines during the New Year’s celebration, my family had put together a huge feast that night for the whole family, friends and neighbours. Every Filipino delight was there.

I don’t think I have to explain how hot it is in the Philippines, being a tropical country and all. Well you can imagine how excited and relieved my sister and I were when they brought in a giant tub of ice cream. We were practically first in line to get some. I hadn’t quite prepared myself for that first bite. Instead of a typically sweet flavoured ice cream, my tongue came across this salty cold dessert (if you can even really call it that). In immediate shock, I quickly approached my mother demanding to know what was up with this ice cream. She laughed stating it was cheese ice cream. CHEESE ICE CREAM?! That’s pure insanity.

Now I don’t want to offend anyone who does like this. Clearly you have a much broader palette than I do. For me, this simply just wont’ do. I like the usuals like chocolate, strawberry, cookies n cream…etc. and I draw the line at cheese. I handed the ice cream in disgust to my mother at the amusement of all my relatives and went back inside to find something to take the taste out of my mouth.

I’m sure I eat tons of ‘weird’ foods to the definition of others (and even myself if I’m being honest) but this case was weird + unpleasant. I dare you to try it.

P.S. I don’t remember the kind of cheese but it was a processed kind.

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