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Languages I Speak

Languages was always something that my parents emphasized to me while growing up. They understood the importance of trying to be a multilingual as possible to increase my opportunities in the future. It is through this desire to better my life in the future, that they settled myself and my sister in a French immersion school where through grade 5 to 8, I spent half the day speaking French. I then move on to a high school that also had a French immersion program. I can’t thank them enough because it has only increased my capabilities and opportunities, especially in a bilingual country as Canada


thank you note for every language

I currently speak English fluently, French conversationally (because with time and lack of practice, I’ve gotten a little rusty), I’ve taken German classes both in high school and in university so I know some basics. I understand Taglog and could speak enough to save my life if necessary and through my understanding of Taglog have a basic understanding of Spanish terms.

While all of those definitely need fine tuning, in the last year or so I’ve become increasingly interested in the Japanese and Italian languages. Whenever I hear either, I’m instantly mesmerized by the intonation, the phrasing and flow of the languages. I don’t have any near future plans to start learning but I definitely hope that sometime in the near future I can immerse myself in either of these languages or any others for that matter.

Learning languages broadens your horizons so much more than you could imagine. You instantly have a connection with everyone else who speaks the same language and is useful when travelling or for jobs. For example, knowing french has definitely helped me out for school, volunteering and employment but things like helping an older lady who was lost and only knew french by giving her directions is such a great reward in itself :)

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