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Sunrise vs. Sunset

In my mind, either one is just as nice to see. In fact, I’m lucky if I get to see either one and enjoy it the way one should. Some days I’ll be able to catch a view of the sunrise and other days I’ll remember in time to watch it set. While neither one is guaranteed. There is something special about seeing a sun rise. The lifting of a new day, filled with new possibilities, shedding light into every corner of your world has its magical appeal to me.


Sunrise Photography

I think if you’re set on making the most of either the sun rise or the sun set, it’s better done in a quiet and nature filled environment. The hustle and bustle of cars and people in the background can often deter from the simple beauty of seeing the world wake up.

Heading down to the lake, viewing it in the mountains, seeing it across the ocean are some of the most ideal and fitting situations to truly enjoy a sunrise. The world is quiet for a few minutes as the rise make its way over the horizon. The glow of both sunrises and sunsets are different as well. Sunsets bring out beautiful shades or purple and blue and pinks while sunrises I find to be more golden and yellow.

Either way, try to take the time to stop once in a while and appreciate something so simple and routine because you never know it’ll be the last one you see.

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Bread + ice cream = love

Now we’ve all heard of ice cream sandwiches. Maybe the ice cream is inbetween two cookies or maybe thin layers of cake. But have you ever tried it with just bread?

My parents introduced to me the idea of eating ice cream (typically something Filipino flavoured like Ube or mango) and place it between pandesal (which is a Filipino bread roll) At first, this completely boggled mind because pandesal was used to make savoury sandwiches, often filled with cheese or meats. How could the two possibly combine? I was a good sport and willing to try anything once, tried it under my parents suggestion and instantly fell in love. While pandesal is not necessarily salty, it’s that savoury/salty combined with the sweet element that is just divine. If you toast the pandesal, you get the added interesting contrast of warm vs. cold. It makes for a great treat in the summers, very filling and beats the bowl or cone substitution. I would highly recommend giving it a try just once and seeing for yourself. :)

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Languages I Speak

Languages was always something that my parents emphasized to me while growing up. They understood the importance of trying to be a multilingual as possible to increase my opportunities in the future. It is through this desire to better my life in the future, that they settled myself and my sister in a French immersion school where through grade 5 to 8, I spent half the day speaking French. I then move on to a high school that also had a French immersion program. I can’t thank them enough because it has only increased my capabilities and opportunities, especially in a bilingual country as Canada


thank you note for every language

I currently speak English fluently, French conversationally (because with time and lack of practice, I’ve gotten a little rusty), I’ve taken German classes both in high school and in university so I know some basics. I understand Taglog and could speak enough to save my life if necessary and through my understanding of Taglog have a basic understanding of Spanish terms.

While all of those definitely need fine tuning, in the last year or so I’ve become increasingly interested in the Japanese and Italian languages. Whenever I hear either, I’m instantly mesmerized by the intonation, the phrasing and flow of the languages. I don’t have any near future plans to start learning but I definitely hope that sometime in the near future I can immerse myself in either of these languages or any others for that matter.

Learning languages broadens your horizons so much more than you could imagine. You instantly have a connection with everyone else who speaks the same language and is useful when travelling or for jobs. For example, knowing french has definitely helped me out for school, volunteering and employment but things like helping an older lady who was lost and only knew french by giving her directions is such a great reward in itself :)

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