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30 Day Challenge – Day 23 – Youtube Video

Day 23 topic: a Youtube Video

Youtube and I haven’t always been the best of friends. In fact, I joined the site many years ago, maybe just a year into its creation, long before it became the big success it has become but never used it. I rarely watched any videos, had a go at posting a few videos but overall, didn’t consider it a resource for me. In the last year however, I’ve grown to enjoy it. I watch primarily for how-to videos, especially in the make up department (I finally learned thanks to make up gurus) and got access to a lot of great music/youtube artists. I’ve subscribed to at least 20 different people and look to Youtube as my visual version of Google.

This video I picked out of random from my favourites list. It’s my DJ Earworm who made a genius mash up of all the hits from 2009. I can’t wait to  see what he puts out for  the 2010 remix as there was  a lot of interesting music so far this year. His ability to make a creative mix astounds me and each year he only gets better at it. So have a listen and enjoy :)


put on that brave face

I’m not one to spend countless hours watching videos on youtube but every once in a while someone steers me towards a certain video that is a must see. This is one of them. There’s a lot of people out on youtube showcasing their singing/musical talent and that’s all well and good but unless its your original work, I tend not to lend an ear. This girl (Melissa Polinar) has an amazing talent for singing and I love her music. This is one of my favorite songs from her, one that I can easily relate to.  enjoy