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Look over there mom!

I was just mindlessly contemplating the fact that one of my remaining joys in life is going to museums, aquariums, zoos, art galleries or any other tourist attraction that a 10 year old would enjoy and still point and shout and gawk just as if i was 10. I’ll still call out to my mom and dad, eagerly pull them in the direction of my interest and point out how awesome something is and want them to be just as stunned in its awesomeness. It’ll be cool someday to have kids who’ll do that to me, as tiring and annoying as it may seem then. You’re never too old to be fascinated and want to share it with the rest of the world.


so while in my first class today, which is taught by one of my most fav profs, he talked about his own failure as a student. this is most comforting for myself, an equally horrible student. its comforting still even when he tells the part about how he turns it around for himself and becomes the political genius that he is today.

I for one, will never be labelled as a political genius and I’m ok with that.

he did bring up the point queens students include two types of good students. first of all, we’re all good students because queens standards are high enough that we have to be good to just get in. but that only some of us become genius status (again, not me). he said for the most of the students, we just get stuck being ok students (which I’m not even anymore)

he attributes this to the fact that to be an amazing high school student, you simply do are you’re told. you do the assignments, you raise your hand in class, you participate, you show up, you do the tests, you answer the teacher’s questions, you accomplish everything the teacher sets out for you and you get an A. I was one of those student. so it comes down to this…

I’m obedient.

therefore I will get a decent job and be good at it because i can listen to my boss really well. I’ll be a good wife because i like to be obedient and please a man and I’ll be a good mother because I’ll know how to teach my children to be obedient as well. so as it turns out, if we look at it this way, life will be ok. I’ll be a crap student because i follow the rules too much but life will turn out fine because I’ll get a husband who adores me, children who follow me and i won’t get fired.

that’s what I learned today. the end :)

P.S. this is the spin I want to put on it. don’t burst my bubble. I also wrote this on the whim so excuse my lack of capitalization

Oh Darn: TGIF

I totally forgot to write last night’s post of my day. I might have even forgotten to take a picture, I’m not really sure. That’s the difficult part of this daily blog aspect. The days blur by and if blogging isn’t part of your daily routine, the whole concept of it goes out the window.

To be fair, I did do some blogging, just not for yesterday’s post. I slowly got back into the swing of things blogging wise; setting up a regular posting schedule for all the blogs and finding new material to write about. That takes a lot of work my friends. And yes I’m aware that calling procrastination work seems a tad much, I’ll call it how I please. I felt such out of the loop since it’s been a while since I’ve checked in with the rest of the world. There’s so many interesting articles constantly circulating. Add that to my daily two newspapers (Globe & mail + National Post) and you can see that I have lots of reading on my hands. (Oh, and school work too of course)

I suppose another reason why writing for this blog went out the window yesterday was because it felt like a day off since I had no school. As you can imagine, a day off meant just kind of chilling around at home, cleaning here and there, writing and roaming the web. I created a new blog, though one filled more with visual inspiration than that of actual writing and I may link it at some point though I feel like bombarding my few readers with more.

I had some guests from out of town staying over with me this weekend so I woke up bright and early to get the place cleaned up and ready for them. Nothing drastic since I had done a pretty good job my first week back setting things up and keeping it all clean. Upon their arrival, we headed out for lunch at Mango, a thai/pan-asian restaurant. After a quick trip to the grocery store (because I don’t have typical junk food that normal college students live on), I gave them a quick tour around campus and met up with one of their friends. After continued tour and a walk down by the lake to check its frozen state, we returned back home where we all had a quick nap.

The rest of the evening was rather relaxed. As they left for the first part of their conference, I worked away at home. We ordered pizza and hung out instead of heading to the club (which was probably a smart idea after learning later on how crazy it was down there) and called it a night.

Writing it down like that makes it seem like there’s no way a whole day went by and all we did was that but between the cleaning and the outing and the late night talks, my friday just got eaten up.

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow? Readings. That’s what I better be writing about tomorrow.