Basic Info:

I’m a 3rd year student at Queens University studying politics. I’m 20, born in the Philippines but grew up in Canada. My life is a best seller waiting to be written, care to take a read?

Inspiration for the Blog:

I used to have a deep love for writing blogs, having had about 5 well maintained blogs about my life. However, life moves on and get more complicated. This is another attempt of mine to document my life. I use writing prompts to get inspiration and share interesting articles/videos/pictures from the web that take on a personal or sentimental meaning.  I also try to give advice about things that I can relate to or feeling strongly about. (Please take it with a grain of salt) Although my personal life isn’t put on display here, many of the posts are indications of what I’m going through or how I’m feeling at the time. It is a blog dedicated to getting to know me more.

Meaning of the name:

tabula rasa translated means clean slate. Every day is a new start, a new opportunity to make a change. I’m only human and I make numerous mistakes in a day. My only comfort comes from the idea that when you want to declare a new start, you can. Compliment it with the saying carpe diem and you’re good to go!

Links to all my other blogs can be found in the links section to the side as well as in the navigation under About/Blogs.

happy reading! :)


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