Sunrise vs. Sunset

In my mind, either one is just as nice to see. In fact, I’m lucky if I get to see either one and enjoy it the way one should. Some days I’ll be able to catch a view of the sunrise and other days I’ll remember in time to watch it set. While neither one is guaranteed. There is something special about seeing a sun rise. The lifting of a new day, filled with new possibilities, shedding light into every corner of your world has its magical appeal to me.


Sunrise Photography

I think if you’re set on making the most of either the sun rise or the sun set, it’s better done in a quiet and nature filled environment. The hustle and bustle of cars and people in the background can often deter from the simple beauty of seeing the world wake up.

Heading down to the lake, viewing it in the mountains, seeing it across the ocean are some of the most ideal and fitting situations to truly enjoy a sunrise. The world is quiet for a few minutes as the rise make its way over the horizon. The glow of both sunrises and sunsets are different as well. Sunsets bring out beautiful shades or purple and blue and pinks while sunrises I find to be more golden and yellow.

Either way, try to take the time to stop once in a while and appreciate something so simple and routine because you never know it’ll be the last one you see.

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