Care to dance?

The Top of the Wedding Cake

I rarely get the opportunity to dance these days. Minus a few club experiences in university, the last time I’ve danced was probably back at prom or winter formal. And while that seems like forever ago, it was much preferred dancing than the kind done at a club.

I miss having the opportunity to slow dance with someone. I’ve had a few of those in high school and it was just a nice moment, even if done just between friends. The world really does slow down when you dance like that and all you focus on is the song and the person you’re dancing with. Sweet moments like that are unforgettable. It makes me a little sad to think that the next time I’ll really get to dance like that will be at my wedding, years and years from now.

I always thought when couples danced randomly in the kitchen or out in their backyard in the movies was just too sweet. I want that for myself. anyone care for a dance? :)

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