so while in my first class today, which is taught by one of my most fav profs, he talked about his own failure as a student. this is most comforting for myself, an equally horrible student. its comforting still even when he tells the part about how he turns it around for himself and becomes the political genius that he is today.

I for one, will never be labelled as a political genius and I’m ok with that.

he did bring up the point queens students include two types of good students. first of all, we’re all good students because queens standards are high enough that we have to be good to just get in. but that only some of us become genius status (again, not me). he said for the most of the students, we just get stuck being ok students (which I’m not even anymore)

he attributes this to the fact that to be an amazing high school student, you simply do are you’re told. you do the assignments, you raise your hand in class, you participate, you show up, you do the tests, you answer the teacher’s questions, you accomplish everything the teacher sets out for you and you get an A. I was one of those student. so it comes down to this…

I’m obedient.

therefore I will get a decent job and be good at it because i can listen to my boss really well. I’ll be a good wife because i like to be obedient and please a man and I’ll be a good mother because I’ll know how to teach my children to be obedient as well. so as it turns out, if we look at it this way, life will be ok. I’ll be a crap student because i follow the rules too much but life will turn out fine because I’ll get a husband who adores me, children who follow me and i won’t get fired.

that’s what I learned today. the end :)

P.S. this is the spin I want to put on it. don’t burst my bubble. I also wrote this on the whim so excuse my lack of capitalization


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