Wednesday Wisdom

I woke up to major leg cramp this morning. Truthfully, I knew this was coming. I could sort of feel it tensing up over the past few days. However, I had thought it would be on my left leg and not on my right. Not the best way to start the day as it hinders your ability to get anywhere and walk normally. It also lasted all freaking day so every time I took a step, I was moments away from yet another cramp. I hate these annoying things.

Talking to a friend last night got me thinking about the people who are in my life trying to be supportive and loving and the people that I try to do that for.There are certain people that I dote on extra to show my appreciation but its disappointing to have them not return that same kind of appreciation. No declarations of support or love for you despite all that you try to do for them. Sucks when things turn out that way.

While making snowflakes during the last exam period, i decided to try and make the tiniest snowflake I could. It ended up looking more like an alien/spaceship than a snowflake but I liked it all the same. I thought I had lost it because it was just too darn tiny to keep track of. I found it at the edge of my desk and that brightened up what was really a blah day.

Speaking of snowflakes, I woke up early and took pictures in the calm early morning with the fresh snow. Photos will be posted soon. Crazy cold outside but not a soul in sight and my message on the ground lasted a long while before a car drove over it. There’s a simple joy that comes from standing in the middle of the street. It’s just the right amount of danger and taboo. Certainly a tiny thrill compared to other things you could be doing but definitely an innocent one. I’m thinking of doing something similar again for photographic purposes to catch the sunrise by the lake. I also want to get some shots of the hockey players at the nearby rink.

Today was rather unremarkable. Not the best of days but it’s the same drama as usual. I keep wanting to clean up my room even more only to realize that frankly, I don’t have enough storage space for everything that I want to put away. I’m hoping that next year I can get a long slender desk for the front of my window sill to use as a vanity and added bookshelf space.

Anyways, that’s a wrap for Wednesday. Off to do some readings and watch a movie.

P.S. I’m wearing two layers of Spanx as I write this. The same method that Beyonce uses to tone and mould her body. Now I don’t know if it’ll do anything for me (at least without added exercise) but I certainly feel super snug in these things, especially doubled up the way I have it right now. These are my new best friends :)


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