TMI Tuesdays

With the day off, I decided to go and get my textbooks since I only had 3 to pick up. I can’t quite understand why small politics textbooks cost so much, especially since I remembered the days when I had to purchase huge science textbooks that felt like they were worth their weight. I try to buy used when I can  because who really wants to pay full price for something you don’t even want.

After that…well I can’t say I did too much else. Basic things like showered, made some food, cleaned up, read the paper, took some photos, chewed some gum. Nothing spectacular.

I got my grades back (finally!), mediocre crap. I tried, really I did. My grades are all over the map; some years they’re up, sometimes their down but overall they’re disappointing but I’m persisting. I forget what it’s like to be a decent student anymore. Moments like these I contemplate whether or not university was ever really for me. Maybe I should have pursued a much more free-spirited lifestyle. Then again, probably not. Free-spirited is only fun if you’re not broke and well… I’m always broke.

One of my best friends apparently had a dream of me last night. I think its sweet when someone dreams of me, not that it happens often to people. Knowing that you’re a part of their subconscious that thoughts of you have seeped into their dreams is kind of an honour if you think about it. It’s especially charming when its those kinds of sweet dreams, where you hang out and be blissfully happy. I like those kinds of dreams.

Tumblr is my addiction. I really need to stop but I can’t help being drawn to the photographic aspect of it. What was life even like before tumblr?


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