Late post: Do you want to know the best part about Mondays?

I’m sure most of you can’t think of too many good reasons for Monday starts but trust me there’s one very solid reason why I adore Mondays.

But first let’s talk about the day.

First day of classes for the second semester. Woke up just in time to walk out the door and head to my first class. 10 class start time on Monday is not bad at all. Could certainly be worse. First class is has my fav prof though he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy. I’m hoping I survive.

After a quick lunch break and chat with a friend back in my apartment, I ventured to my second class which I basically died. I think it was the first lecture of the course but it’s hard to distinguish between teaching and just rambling with this prof. And I know I wasn’t the only one confused or half asleep in that class. It’s actually my second time taking that class and if possible, it’s gotten worse since last year. At least last year he properly introduced us to the topic. This year he just jumped right in. It was almost as if his lecture started in the middle of his notes. Completely lost and totally dreading this course…again.

Final class wasn’t too bad. A decent prof that I’ve had before though honestly not all that memorable teaching wise. Class participation is key and frankly I hate speaking up in class. Primarily because I don’t have much to contribute to the conversation. It’s the shy girl syndrome. You sit there just absorbing things in. You’re the teacher, teach. Don’t ask me the question cause I don’t know jack.

Spent the rest of the day just chilling around. All my classes lectured so it wasn’t a typical first day of ‘hi, how are you, this is what we’re doing for the semester, goodbye’.


The best part about Mondays is that it starts another glorious week of t.v. shows. As great as weekends are, they’re kinda depressing because by the time they’ve arrived, I’ve run out of t.v. episodes to watch and well let’s face it, I can’t afford to waste bandwidth so I have to limit my watching as it is. I don’t even know the weekly schedule for my fav shows. I just visit all the sites I can think of each day and there’s usually at least something new to watch each day. Bring on the t.v. shows.

I somehow lost 1.5 pounds overnight. I guess this gum thing is really working out :)

Diet tip: If you avoid being at home all day and have no cash on you, you force yourself to not munch on pointless junk. Bonus: cute boys in the library, free internet and less electricity used at home and on the bill. I always figured the library was useful for something, now I know why… :)


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