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Oh Darn: TGIF

I totally forgot to write last night’s post of my day. I might have even forgotten to take a picture, I’m not really sure. That’s the difficult part of this daily blog aspect. The days blur by and if blogging isn’t part of your daily routine, the whole concept of it goes out the window.

To be fair, I did do some blogging, just not for yesterday’s post. I slowly got back into the swing of things blogging wise; setting up a regular posting schedule for all the blogs and finding new material to write about. That takes a lot of work my friends. And yes I’m aware that calling procrastination work seems a tad much, I’ll call it how I please. I felt such out of the loop since it’s been a while since I’ve checked in with the rest of the world. There’s so many interesting articles constantly circulating. Add that to my daily two newspapers (Globe & mail + National Post) and you can see that I have lots of reading on my hands. (Oh, and school work too of course)

I suppose another reason why writing for this blog went out the window yesterday was because it felt like a day off since I had no school. As you can imagine, a day off meant just kind of chilling around at home, cleaning here and there, writing and roaming the web. I created a new blog, though one filled more with visual inspiration than that of actual writing and I may link it at some point though I feel like bombarding my few readers with more.

I had some guests from out of town staying over with me this weekend so I woke up bright and early to get the place cleaned up and ready for them. Nothing drastic since I had done a pretty good job my first week back setting things up and keeping it all clean. Upon their arrival, we headed out for lunch at Mango, a thai/pan-asian restaurant. After a quick trip to the grocery store (because I don’t have typical junk food that normal college students live on), I gave them a quick tour around campus and met up with one of their friends. After continued tour and a walk down by the lake to check its frozen state, we returned back home where we all had a quick nap.

The rest of the evening was rather relaxed. As they left for the first part of their conference, I worked away at home. We ordered pizza and hung out instead of heading to the club (which was probably a smart idea after learning later on how crazy it was down there) and called it a night.

Writing it down like that makes it seem like there’s no way a whole day went by and all we did was that but between the cleaning and the outing and the late night talks, my friday just got eaten up.

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow? Readings. That’s what I better be writing about tomorrow.


Wednesday Wisdom

I woke up to major leg cramp this morning. Truthfully, I knew this was coming. I could sort of feel it tensing up over the past few days. However, I had thought it would be on my left leg and not on my right. Not the best way to start the day as it hinders your ability to get anywhere and walk normally. It also lasted all freaking day so every time I took a step, I was moments away from yet another cramp. I hate these annoying things.

Talking to a friend last night got me thinking about the people who are in my life trying to be supportive and loving and the people that I try to do that for.There are certain people that I dote on extra to show my appreciation but its disappointing to have them not return that same kind of appreciation. No declarations of support or love for you despite all that you try to do for them. Sucks when things turn out that way.

While making snowflakes during the last exam period, i decided to try and make the tiniest snowflake I could. It ended up looking more like an alien/spaceship than a snowflake but I liked it all the same. I thought I had lost it because it was just too darn tiny to keep track of. I found it at the edge of my desk and that brightened up what was really a blah day.

Speaking of snowflakes, I woke up early and took pictures in the calm early morning with the fresh snow. Photos will be posted soon. Crazy cold outside but not a soul in sight and my message on the ground lasted a long while before a car drove over it. There’s a simple joy that comes from standing in the middle of the street. It’s just the right amount of danger and taboo. Certainly a tiny thrill compared to other things you could be doing but definitely an innocent one. I’m thinking of doing something similar again for photographic purposes to catch the sunrise by the lake. I also want to get some shots of the hockey players at the nearby rink.

Today was rather unremarkable. Not the best of days but it’s the same drama as usual. I keep wanting to clean up my room even more only to realize that frankly, I don’t have enough storage space for everything that I want to put away. I’m hoping that next year I can get a long slender desk for the front of my window sill to use as a vanity and added bookshelf space.

Anyways, that’s a wrap for Wednesday. Off to do some readings and watch a movie.

P.S. I’m wearing two layers of Spanx as I write this. The same method that Beyonce uses to tone and mould her body. Now I don’t know if it’ll do anything for me (at least without added exercise) but I certainly feel super snug in these things, especially doubled up the way I have it right now. These are my new best friends :)

TMI Tuesdays

With the day off, I decided to go and get my textbooks since I only had 3 to pick up. I can’t quite understand why small politics textbooks cost so much, especially since I remembered the days when I had to purchase huge science textbooks that felt like they were worth their weight. I try to buy used when I canĀ  because who really wants to pay full price for something you don’t even want.

After that…well I can’t say I did too much else. Basic things like showered, made some food, cleaned up, read the paper, took some photos, chewed some gum. Nothing spectacular.

I got my grades back (finally!), mediocre crap. I tried, really I did. My grades are all over the map; some years they’re up, sometimes their down but overall they’re disappointing but I’m persisting. I forget what it’s like to be a decent student anymore. Moments like these I contemplate whether or not university was ever really for me. Maybe I should have pursued a much more free-spirited lifestyle. Then again, probably not. Free-spirited is only fun if you’re not broke and well… I’m always broke.

One of my best friends apparently had a dream of me last night. I think its sweet when someone dreams of me, not that it happens often to people. Knowing that you’re a part of their subconscious that thoughts of you have seeped into their dreams is kind of an honour if you think about it. It’s especially charming when its those kinds of sweet dreams, where you hang out and be blissfully happy. I like those kinds of dreams.

Tumblr is my addiction. I really need to stop but I can’t help being drawn to the photographic aspect of it. What was life even like before tumblr?