My Dream Job

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Certainly a question I've heard time and time again from my parents, relatives, friends, educators, the occasional new acquaintance and I don't think I've really given the same answer to any of them. Because let's face it, I change my mind often enough about what to do with the rest of my life. It is a pretty loaded question after all.

Clean Study Bag

From the time I was young enough to even conceive the idea of wanting a job, my dream career has always changed. When I was really young, I had hoped for a career in figure skating or singing as these were my joys back then. In elementary I decided that perhaps I'd have a go at being a designer of some sort (whether for websites, architecture, being an artist…etc). I then developed an interest for international affairs (in its most basic forms), politics and the UN. Throughout high school, I dabbled in the interests of being a graphic designer, layout editor and in my senior year, research biologist. I've considered both law, medicine, computer engineer, diplomat, ambassador, organizer, event planner, chef, restaurateur, baker, housewife, writer, entrepreneur, government worker, professor, researcher and a bum on the side of the road in case everything else failed.

But this isn't about what I've considered for any job; this is about my ideal job. And the most basic and truest answer at this very moment in time is…

I'd like to get paid to do exactly what I'm doing now…

being a student, blogging/writing, personal cooking, testing out products. If I could get paid for that stuff somehow, I'd be set. I'd happily be a professional student, get paid to educate myself and in my downtime work as a freelance writer on topics in every field possible. I'd like to get paid for my photography, paid for my reviews, paid for my opinions and earn a living that way. Is that far-fetched? Totally! Is it what I actually intend to do? Of course not. but Ideal doesn't mean it still has to be realistic does it?

So if there's anyone willing to fund such a lifestyle, I'd be more than happy to take your money for it. :)

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