How do you cure your boredom?

Boredom is a disease that strikes all of us at various times in the day/week/month. I think a lot of people confuse the concept that if you’re bored, it means that you have completely nothing to do. That’s almost never the case for me. I can’t remember the last time actually had ‘nothing’ to do. There’s always something that needs attention on our life to-do-list. So boredom for me overlaps with procrastination.

My cure? Most days it’s t.v. shows. Regardless of how tired, how many things I need to do, how ‘bored’ I feel, watching t.v. shows or even movies helps to pass the time for me rather quickly. Mindless images passing across the screen actually ease my boredom. I’m certainly not accomplishing much but I don’t have that burning desire that screams ‘I need to go do something!’

Plan b? That goes to blogging. Whenever I’m bored and in the mood, I’ll look up articles, review my drafts, check plinky and sink myself into a few hours of writing; writing that is utterly and completely unrelated to anything academic. I highly suggest taking time once in a while to write something and read something for personal pleasure instead of always doing assignments. Students need that kind of mental break and remind us that there is a much more bigger world once we lift our heads out of the books/laptops.

Maybe those options are boring themselves, mindless even but they help pass the time and in 2010, I can honestly recall at most a week’s time of boredom when both t.v. and blogging lost its appeal momentarily. But you get back into the swing of things eventually.

And boredom shouldn’t always be put into such a negative light. There’s nothing wrong with being bored. You can’t always be doing exciting and awesome things every day. Boring days help to remind that when something special like a vacation or a night out comes along, excitement comes along with it.

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