B.O. or bad breath: the lesser of two evils.

I don’t suppose the decision between bad breath or body odour comes up often in life. However you never know when the day may come so in order to be prepared, which would you decide?


Although I despise both options, something I would think most people would agree with me on, there is one that I suppose I could stand more than the other both in the situation of it coming from myself or coming from someone else.

Body odour is a foul beast. Whether you’re merely a few feet away or much further than that, body odour somehow finds its way to live on and creep into every surrounding area. It has the potential to take up the whole room, engulf it and stifle it, putting all those in its path on a death choke. It can spread and linger long after the affected person has left the vicinity, leaving the unfortunate who follow to play the blame game as to who in the room is the culprit of such an awful stench. The difficulty in eliminating it, makes it the worst of the two.

Bad breath on the other hand can be avoided by either; not talking if you’re the one who has it, or avoiding the person who has it by not talking to them or excusing yourself from the conversation if you suddenly get roped into a discussion with them. Bad breath for the most part is a direct stench and dissipates within a few minutes. Conversations don’t last hours so eventually the person will leave (hopefully to go eat a box of mints) and you’re free of the horrible smell. You can move away from whoever has it and be at the other end of the room, relatively safe from any remaining smell.

So there you have it, bad breath is more tolerable between the two but frankly both are serious faux pas in the world if you plan on socializing with the rest of humanity. Showers and toothbrushes are friends with endless benefits, keep them in constant use :)

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