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My Dream Job

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Certainly a question I've heard time and time again from my parents, relatives, friends, educators, the occasional new acquaintance and I don't think I've really given the same answer to any of them. Because let's face it, I change my mind often enough about what to do with the rest of my life. It is a pretty loaded question after all.

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From the time I was young enough to even conceive the idea of wanting a job, my dream career has always changed. When I was really young, I had hoped for a career in figure skating or singing as these were my joys back then. In elementary I decided that perhaps I'd have a go at being a designer of some sort (whether for websites, architecture, being an artist…etc). I then developed an interest for international affairs (in its most basic forms), politics and the UN. Throughout high school, I dabbled in the interests of being a graphic designer, layout editor and in my senior year, research biologist. I've considered both law, medicine, computer engineer, diplomat, ambassador, organizer, event planner, chef, restaurateur, baker, housewife, writer, entrepreneur, government worker, professor, researcher and a bum on the side of the road in case everything else failed.

But this isn't about what I've considered for any job; this is about my ideal job. And the most basic and truest answer at this very moment in time is…

I'd like to get paid to do exactly what I'm doing now…

being a student, blogging/writing, personal cooking, testing out products. If I could get paid for that stuff somehow, I'd be set. I'd happily be a professional student, get paid to educate myself and in my downtime work as a freelance writer on topics in every field possible. I'd like to get paid for my photography, paid for my reviews, paid for my opinions and earn a living that way. Is that far-fetched? Totally! Is it what I actually intend to do? Of course not. but Ideal doesn't mean it still has to be realistic does it?

So if there's anyone willing to fund such a lifestyle, I'd be more than happy to take your money for it. :)

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How do you cure your boredom?

Boredom is a disease that strikes all of us at various times in the day/week/month. I think a lot of people confuse the concept that if you’re bored, it means that you have completely nothing to do. That’s almost never the case for me. I can’t remember the last time actually had ‘nothing’ to do. There’s always something that needs attention on our life to-do-list. So boredom for me overlaps with procrastination.

My cure? Most days it’s t.v. shows. Regardless of how tired, how many things I need to do, how ‘bored’ I feel, watching t.v. shows or even movies helps to pass the time for me rather quickly. Mindless images passing across the screen actually ease my boredom. I’m certainly not accomplishing much but I don’t have that burning desire that screams ‘I need to go do something!’

Plan b? That goes to blogging. Whenever I’m bored and in the mood, I’ll look up articles, review my drafts, check plinky and sink myself into a few hours of writing; writing that is utterly and completely unrelated to anything academic. I highly suggest taking time once in a while to write something and read something for personal pleasure instead of always doing assignments. Students need that kind of mental break and remind us that there is a much more bigger world once we lift our heads out of the books/laptops.

Maybe those options are boring themselves, mindless even but they help pass the time and in 2010, I can honestly recall at most a week’s time of boredom when both t.v. and blogging lost its appeal momentarily. But you get back into the swing of things eventually.

And boredom shouldn’t always be put into such a negative light. There’s nothing wrong with being bored. You can’t always be doing exciting and awesome things every day. Boring days help to remind that when something special like a vacation or a night out comes along, excitement comes along with it.

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B.O. or bad breath: the lesser of two evils.

I don’t suppose the decision between bad breath or body odour comes up often in life. However you never know when the day may come so in order to be prepared, which would you decide?


Although I despise both options, something I would think most people would agree with me on, there is one that I suppose I could stand more than the other both in the situation of it coming from myself or coming from someone else.

Body odour is a foul beast. Whether you’re merely a few feet away or much further than that, body odour somehow finds its way to live on and creep into every surrounding area. It has the potential to take up the whole room, engulf it and stifle it, putting all those in its path on a death choke. It can spread and linger long after the affected person has left the vicinity, leaving the unfortunate who follow to play the blame game as to who in the room is the culprit of such an awful stench. The difficulty in eliminating it, makes it the worst of the two.

Bad breath on the other hand can be avoided by either; not talking if you’re the one who has it, or avoiding the person who has it by not talking to them or excusing yourself from the conversation if you suddenly get roped into a discussion with them. Bad breath for the most part is a direct stench and dissipates within a few minutes. Conversations don’t last hours so eventually the person will leave (hopefully to go eat a box of mints) and you’re free of the horrible smell. You can move away from whoever has it and be at the other end of the room, relatively safe from any remaining smell.

So there you have it, bad breath is more tolerable between the two but frankly both are serious faux pas in the world if you plan on socializing with the rest of humanity. Showers and toothbrushes are friends with endless benefits, keep them in constant use :)

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