Changing your body

I’m certainly not someone who obsesses excessively about my looks. It’s rather tiring stressing about it so much. Eat right, get in some cardio and you can live a healthy, balanced life. So when it comes to changing body parts, it’s no surprise that a little shrinking in some areas would always be welcomed though not necessary from a self esteem or happiness standpoint.

What body part would you like to change?

There’s no one particular about my body I’d like to change. If I could, I’d change it all. Not to alter it but just to lose some of the excess fat and tone my body more all over. Although, something like that can be helped with a little added exercise.

There wouldn’t be one part specifically that I’d change but I would change something; my skin. No not the colour, rather its elasticity and ability to heal better. For those who know me personally, they’ll know that I have quite a few visible stretch marks. I’ve had this problem for almost all my life and despite the research, the creams, the doctor trips, little has helped to fade them or heal them. They are the one thing about me I am most conscious about, especially when I have to attend more formal events and need to wear a dress. Suddenly my stretch marks feel like the centre of the universe.

I’ve come to understand that big or small, everyone and anyone can be inflicted with this. I’ve seen girls bigger than me who have no or hardly visible stretch marks in some places where I have tons. I have met skinny girls who have them as well and it is my understanding now that having them doesn’t necessarily indicate bad health; just unfortunate genes in the skin department.

There’s apparently a surgery in Asia to help remove them or greatly;y reduce them but of course the procedure is expensive and takes time, both of which I don’t currently have.

Like I said, I try not to let it get to my anymore especially since I’ve realized I’m not alone in my problems but for the sake of answering the question I’d choose to change the structure of my skin.

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One response to “Changing your body

  1. Stretch marks are a real challenge for any kind of treatment, natural or not. The key is not only in removing the older stretch marks, but also prevent them from ever re-appearing, and this can only be achevied with the combination of a good vitamin rich cream and a tool that promotes collagen production.

    You can read more about this at

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