My Ultimate Keepsakes

The house is burning down, your whole life is going up in smoke. What few items do you decide to save while everything else burns to the ground?

Because photos are the best link to the past. Completely irreplaceable. They are snapshots of moments that you can never get back. They hold images to details in life that we often forget. Esp the pictures of my older/deceased relatives.

My laptop
My laptop is without a doubt my entire life. Call me super wired or whatever tech term you’d like but I don’t mind one bit that I’m this glued to my laptop. It holds important information, countless photos, documents, assignments…etc. Without it, I’d be completely lost.

Not the easily replaceable kind you get from Forever21 but the really valuable stuff that links to various people and times from the past. Heirlooms and gifts given a long time ago which now are of great value both in monetary terms as well as sentimentally.

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