Things That Make Me Happy

When life has got you down and stressed out, it’s easy to forget that there is lots of good around you. Being happy and trying to find happiness are important goals everyone should undertake in their life. Whether it be music, a friend, your pet or simply warm weather, we should take the time to remind ourselves that there are still many things in life to be happy about it. What are some of the things that make you happy most in your life?

The Nightmare Before Christmas & the Little Rascals movies
My all time favourite movies, these two cheer me right up instantly. They never got old and remind me fondly of days when I was young and stress free. The music, the characters the story plot are simple and heartwarming. I put this on whenever I’m feeling down.

Music for the 90s (BSB, Spice Girls, S Club 7..etc)
Growing up in the 90s with the explosion of pop music was pretty cool. Certainly not the greatest music of all time but certainly music that defined its era and lasted in the memories of then teenage girls forever. Whenever I’m in a crappy mood and need some instant uplift, I quickly put on my 90s playlist and jam to all my fav childhood/preteen tunes. I’m sure everyone feels this way about their music from their youth

Need I explain the awesomeness of this sugary snack. Forget the calories, chocolate is the stairway to nirvana.

Family and Friends
Despite arguments and busy schedules, they are there for me and support me. Through them I find joy and happiness in being able to laugh, reminisce and connect with those who love me dearly.

Writing is my expression, my escape, my platform, my passion, my life. I write every day, one form or another and it brings me so much joy to express myself through words. I feel that in doing so, I am extending a part of who I am onto the page (online or not) and capturing who I am in that moment. I could not imagine a life without writing and will continue to do so until it ceases to make me happy.

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