10/10/10 (delayed)

I’m a little late on this unfortunately as I was busy on the actual day but nevertheless I wanted to answer this prompt as I certainly won’t get another chance to comment on this again.


Fall Colors

10/10/10 occurred during Thanksgiving weekend. My family decided to go on a trip a little North of Toronto to celebrate the weekend and get away from our busy lives. We stepped away from our normal Thanksgiving traditions, which typically involves me cooking all day an original menu. No turkeys for us I’m afraid.

Each year, it was tradition that the family goes out for fall colour driving to revel in the beauty of the leaves changing. It’s typically a short window of opportunity because before you know it, the leaves have changed and fall down already.

We went up north with a few family friends to stay at a resort that we’ve been to many many years ago. We enjoyed our weekend driving, taking photos, exploring nature. Our evenings were spent singing and playing board games and it was just good fun.

10/10/10 in specific we spent the day exploring caves, having a super delicious dinner at a fine dining restaurant and cheese/wine/chocolate cake to end the night off in our hotel rooms. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend.

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