100 reasons for love

This was copied from a tumblr blog from an adorable couple that I’m now following. It’s long but beautiful and many of it I’m sure are thing only they could understand. I desperately want a love like this. Their relationship gives me hope for the strongest, truest love…

100 reasons he wrote for her:

I love…

1. How you perk up when I randomly take your picture

2. How you never cease to ask to see that picture

3. The way you squirm and yell when you first see me after a while

4. How you face lights up when you do this too

5. When you cuddle my back at night, pressed up against me

6. Having to take 5 minutes to push you off of me because I dont want to wake you, but I have to because get so hot I drip sweat

7. When you sing randomly around the house (I listen)

8. How you think you sound bad, when I think it’s beautiful

9. How crazy your mom is and the relationship we have developed

10. How your dad acts like I’m a part of the family, and how I enjoy it

11. Your eyes. Even though you don’t think they are sexy enough. I would never buy you fake colored contacts, or dark glasses, or anything ever as a gift to cover them up, because I’m in love with them just the way they are.

12. Your smile, your little teeth are adorable

13. How you turn your feet inward when you get nervous or do a pouty face

14. That you’re actually able to play catch with me

15. Your smells, and how I can always differentiate them

16. The smell of your feet after you wear those huge boots. They don’t stink, it’s more like, the smell of fresh leather

17. The scar over your left eyebrow and how you always tell the story

18. How you’ll try almost anything I make you, even though I know you hate it

19. Your caring, huge, loving, and incredible heart

20. How you walk way too fast when we are out and about

21. How you get upset when I tell you to slow down because I cant keep up. You proceed to say “I have long legs!” lol, girl, I do too!!

22. How you wrap your arms around me when we finally slow down and walk

23. When somedays you just cant get your hair right but I think it looked good every time.

24. When that takes a while and I have to wait on you

25. That you always think I’m just in time with you, when actually I do one thing every ten minutes to make sure you don’t feel too rushed

27. The way you go “noooo” when I turn the fan on too high

28. How I just forgot to make a 26. (26.) Your cheenie reenie boobie reenies

29. How you know I remember most everythinggg you always tell me, but you know I’m very forgetful sometimes also, and don’t get too mad

30. Watching you try and cook in the kitchen

31. How mad you get when I try to help you cook in the kitchen

32. How you have remained who you are after all you’ve been through

33. How what you’ve been through will make you the best mother ever

34. Talking about you being a mother in the future

35. When you dance along to music in the car as a joke, but I find it to be one of the sexiest things ever

36. When we talk about never having to go on another first date

37. How you always say “You pick where we eat” So I throw out 3 or 4 places I wanna go, but you proceed to say “Nahhh, let’s get Mexican food!”

38. How because of you I have now been trained to adore Mexican food

39. How you know of and have been to every Mexican food place in the entire Bay area

40. The way you look at me in the reflection of the mirror while you get ready

41. Our showers

42. Our shower talks

43. How you taught me to brush my teeth in the shower

44. That you even tell me it’s okay to pee in the shower

45. How much you love me, and show it to me. And how I can feel it with every word you say and every single time we lay together or get close.

46. How you always ask me “Do you love me Austin?” Just because I know you enjoy hearing my response every time. And I know that you know the answer every time

47. When you get mad at me and put your head down, eyes up, glaring at me, it makes me laugh inside. But I know if I did out loud, I’d be in the dog house

48. Tracing my fingers all over your face, even when youre sleeping

49. Tracing my fingers all over your entire body, waking you when youre sleeping. I’m sorry, you are ticklish everywhere. It’s not my fault!

50. Your entire body in itself. Period, all of it

51. Walking into a public place and having half the men in the room turn their heads

52. How I know that if they tried to holler at you, you’d have no problem letting me whoop their a**es. I like how you love that I am protective in that sense

53. How you look with no make up and wearing that leopard print rope

54. When you tell me I’m the most handsome man in the world

55. The laugh you do when you’re full or tired, and you make a pouty face, then laugh and you sound so cute and little and miserable to be that full or tired

56. How you told me you loved my soul in your sleep one time, and how Im just now telling you

57. How you actually talk in your sleep to me every time you sleep through the night

58. Your perfect lips

59. Kissing those lips more than anything in the world

60. How we share lots of the same interests, about everything you could think of

61. How much alike we are, it’s creepy. And how completely opposite we also are

62. How the two blend perfectly together

63. How cute it is that your finger nail polish never seems to want to stay on, and how you just really dont care sometimes and let them go

64. That I have found a best friend in you. A shoulder. Lover.

64. How you always ask “does this look good on me?” Babe, everything looks good on you. The clothes should be the one concerned with them looking good standing up next to YOU

65. When you first wake up and rub your eyes for literally like 45 seconds

66. How you won’t kiss me big because you know you have stinky morning breathe

67. How comfortable we are with each other, enough so that you eventually will kiss me, even though mine is worse

68. The way you sound when I call you at work

69. When we do this number

70. The way you stand on your tippy toes sometimes to reach my lips so that I don’t have to bend over so far

71. How shy you get in public, I think it’s adorable

72. The littlest facts you come up with, like the smell of rain, honey and bees, and some way, some how, it is right, and it blows me away

73. The littlest things you DONT know that most people do. I feel as if you skipped the everyday stuff, and went for the genius factor. You pulled it off well

74. Getting phone calls from you at work because you have come up with a great plan, or found something that excites you. Or when you call at lunch and have a mouth full of food. We end up talking for like 30 minutes even though we’ll see each other in 4 hours.

75. If you get upset, I walk away for 5 minutes, then come around the corner to you smiling and running into my arms, or you saying “If you’re sorry then I’m sorry”

76. The night we spent when you kept saying “help me up!” The night we spent watching all my favorite shows and you actually stayed awake. The night we spent laying in bed just talking about the future and how much we loved each other.

77. All the nights we spend together just laying or laughing or talking.

78. How in your “101” you took a lot of the things I wanted to say, but thats okay because I have plenty

79. How badly you want to travel with me and meet the most important people in my life. And how they want to meet you too, because I talk about you all the time to them.

80. That my dad approves of you so very much so

81. That you think he is a hot old man, and tell your mom you have something sexy to look forward to. Makes me feel comfortable with growing old with you

82. Our plans for the future

83. The way you get bubbly when we talk about growing old or having kids

84. That I’ve found that person I want to grow old with and have kids with

85. The fact that your lips are tattooed on my neck

86. Watching you sleep every time you go to bed before me on the couch

87. How when I get tired and want to sleep in bed, you simply will not get up from that couch, usually it take me about 3 tries to get your sleepy stubborn butt up

88. How good you are to your friends

89. How strong you stay when everyone else around you becomes weak, or falls away from what they should be doing. Your nickname should be The Rock

90. Laying my head right on your chest in between your “you know whats”

91. That you want and would save any animal that needed it when you see it on the road, or walking around. And how we actually have before

92. How you are a mix of like 4 different races

93. When you wear the towel on your head after a shower you ONLY look African

94. Everything you hate about yourself physically, all of it. I won’t mention them in fear of embarrassing you, but you know what they are. All of the things, I love <3

95. How you brought me back from the dead, and how my mom is probably sitting up in heaven looking down on you saying “thank you doll.” You, your love, and your family saved my life.

96. How messy your room gets the day after you spend hours cleaning it

97. The fact that my clothes are finally hanging in your closest

98. How mature, responsible, classy, respectable, bullheaded, stubborn, calm, wild, free spirited, humble, quirky, girly, crazy you are

99. The support I get from you, it means more than I could ever express. I would have no heart if you wouldnt have saved mine by “placing it inside your chest next to yours to keep safe and to keep it beating right along with yours”

100. Your beautiful soul. And simply every single thing about you, and us.

101. My Goober, Gwetta Win, Mowgli, and Mommabear <3


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