I’m a PC and proud!

I’ll have you know that I actually do not own a single Apple product, even the ubiquitous IPods that have come to rule the music world. Now I personally don’t have anything against Apple, or Macs. From what I’ve heard, they’re much better than PCs (no, not just from the commercials) but I’m not making a switch anytime soon. Maybe its a case of not being able to teach old dogs new tricks but I’m content with the way things run on my PC. I’m used to the applications, programs, set up…etc. It’s what I grew up with, trained in and enjoy. I don’t find myself up late at night cursing the high heavens, yelling ‘there’s gotta be a better way’. And although Mac is slowly taking over the computer world, from where I stand, PC is still running things. In school, in previous employments, through my family and friends, PC is still running supreme. So until the time comes where I’m pretty much the only person left in my lecture hall holding a PC, I’m gonna stick to what I got.

On a more important note, my father is a computer whiz, both through his work and his personal hobbies so he acts as my personal on-demand IT service and he’s most familiar with PCs. God forbid I had a Mac and had technical issues, then i’d have to be like the rest of the world and get IT help from somewhere else. Why go against what I’ve got at home :)

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