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My Laptop: my obsession, my weakness, and frankly, my enemy.

We’re all guilty of something that we know we should stop spending time to but can’t seem to break away from. Maybe your weakness is t.v, movies, sleeping, listening to music, Maybe these things are wasteful to you but essential to others. I browsed through the answers to get some inspiration but had to think long and hard about this one. What is the most wasteful thing I do each day.

playpen laptop

My laptop and I are best friends. There is rarely a day that goes by (except vacations) where I do not spend time on this friend of mine. And although it has come in handy for many different things such as homework, communication, notetaking, it has moved more and more towards an unhealthy obsession. I don’t want to live a life where the first thing in the morning I wake up to go on the laptop. I don’t want to use it as my only means of fun and entertainment. There’s so much more to life out there. A lot of the time I find myself sitting, browsing aimlessly, letting the day slip by. Not good at all

I went through a ban at one point in my life by the enforcement of my parents and my time on the computer was severely limited. To be honest, after a while I didn’t even miss it. Breaking the habit seems to be the hardest part.

On an environmental standpoint, I’m pretty sure the amount of electricity to run this laptop of mine is a lot more than it could be. If time wasn’t wasteful enough, adding on the harms to the environment that this takes seems to be the unnecessary icing on the cake.

I thought of my answer and then read the supplemental question about whether it was something i’d want to change. In theory, yes but in practice no. I could decrease my usage but not by a huge amount and certainly couldn’t eliminate it completely. It’s a sad fact of life to be rather wired. It’s encouraged not only by society and people but by the technology we have today. And I think its a view that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

So even though I should think about decreasing my usage… I’m really just thinking about my next upgrade :)

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I’d want to create/invent whatever takes over Facebook & Twitter!

Inventions pop up every single day. Entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new things in hopes of either improving the world somehow, making it rich or having their name go down in history. I was never a full blown entrepreneur and certainly not one to come up with new creations very often. But I did try and think of different things that would improve my life. I remember inventing a new transportation method that worked on automation for cars when I was in the 6th grade. But such ideas are fleeting. If you could invent anything what would it be?

facebook logo

Considering the kind of world we live in and the lifestyles that most people are adapting into, I only have one specific thing in mind. I want to create the next big online thing. I want to be the founder of whatever takes over the world next and have my moment in time of world domination. Besides the fame and fortune that would go with it, I want to do it mainly to have the satisfaction in knowing that it can be done…. and trust me, one day it will. Online giants once ruled before the time of Facebook and were over taken. Someday that too shall be the fate of Facebook and I will hopefully be a part of it

*insert evil laugh*

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Fly me to the moon

"If you were offered a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?"

Seriously this is a question? I'm not trying to imply an undertone of stupidity but isn't the answer pretty obvious

Moon Dreams

Heck yeah send me to the moon. What's the downside? It's free and it's to the moon. Need there be any more. Heck, I'd go even if I had to pay (something affordable of course). If you don't want to go to the moon, I think that's a waste :P

Case closed

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