Whispers in the Night

Some books, grab your attention right from the moment you begin to read. There are definitely some great examples such as the Da Vinci Code which had me racing through each page to see what would happen next. But I have a deeper appreciation for those that walk the line of reality. My choice, Night by Elie Wiesel, is an incredible story about the horrors of the holocaust worthy of a read.

This book, although popular before, jumped into the spotlight after its mention on the Oprah show. I got a chance to read it a few years before then in my Gr 11 English class and was completely captivated by his story and the way he choose to tell it. After his many years of silence, you know that he took every care to put out his story exactly the way he wanted it. A dark recount of the tragedies during the Nazi regime and his own personal encounters; questioning of his faith, his values and the nature of humans, it is beautifully told in a mere few pages. A highly suggested read if you haven't gotten the chance to already.

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