Birthday Time soon!

It’s one month until my awaited 21st birthday. I wish I could say I have something grand planned out but truthfully, I’ll probably spend the night at home alone doing work/blogging. Sad huh? I’m just not that cool. lol However, I’m not letting the prospects of sitting at home alone keep me from eyeing potential gifts. First off let me say, I’m hella broke so money in all forms would be greatly appreciated and will be wisely used on food to sustain me for the school year. Other than that, I do have one extravagant wish for my wishlist this year.

For those who don’t know this is one of Louis Vuitton’s bag, the Boétie GM coming in at the oh so affordable price of $2500. Ka-Ching! WHATEVER! Let me dream for a moment here ok?! I have such a purse obsession and truthfully I want a Chanel purse above all else but on my recent trip to NYC, I just totally fell in love with this bag at Saks 5th. I am well aware what that money could get me alternatively yet somehow its just not as satisfactory as owning this bad boy. I wish I could even say that I’d settle for the MM or the PM but I just can’t. This is my only love and sadly we will always be kept apart. lol


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