Surviving Post-Secondary: Goals + School Year Resolution

Setting out goals is very important in the journey to success and this is especially true of university. And when I talk about goals, I don’t just mean ‘my goal is to do well in school’. Goals need to be a little more concrete than that. You need to put it in specifics, things that you can measure and hold yourself to such as time or amount. A lot of students hope for the best, deal with the worst and don’t do enough to prepare. Instead of excelling, they’re just holding on and getting by. I was one of those student, “was”…

I want to stress how important it is to look at school not just in the view of tomorrow’s class, or the test coming up next week but instead as a semester, as a whole year. What do you want to accomplish this year both academically and personally. Maybe you want to join a new club, make some friends, try a new restaurant in town, go out to the club one friday night, attend a school football game, get at least a B+ on your essay. Maybe its even simpler than that. Maybe it’s getting up at 8:00 am every morning, remembering to eat breakfast, doing your laundry every other week, attending each lecture. Whatever it is, write it down, put it somewhere you can see it and keep it on your mind and within reach. Don’t let another school year slip by. Make it count.

Similar to that of a New Year’s resolution, there is also the idea of a School Year Resolution. For students, their years follow the Sept-April schedule. That’s certainly how I determine another year gone by. And with the start of a new school year, comes an opportunity for a fresh academic start. Whether you failed a course last year, didn’t get involved in anything or barely went to classes, this year can be totally different and you can transform yourself into the student you’ve always wanted to be.

I could have initially written about this earlier on in the month but I wanted to give people time to settle in, get used to their classes, figure out their schedules, get involved in a few extra curricular activities and the general framework of the school year. Now that that’s over with, it’s high time that you made a resolution or some resolutions for yourself. As with any resolution in life, they don’t have to major things but they need to be tangible so that you can be held accountable at the end of the day whether you managed to succeed or determine where you went wrong.

Don’t know what to resolve? Well allow me to go first.

My school resolution is to go to every tutorial assigned by my courses each semester.

I’ve had difficulties with attending lectures sometimes but nothing beats my bad habits with regards to my tutorials. Something about the forced classroom environment, a blast from the high school past, that makes me choose to stay home in bed. Either I wasn’t interested in the course, annoyed by my T.A. or was just plain lazy, I hardly ever made it. But that’s going to change. This year I’m going to go to tutorials, every last one. It’s beneficial for me that my department has changed the policy to every other week as opposed to weekly tutorials. It actually gives me time to read and be prepared for our tutorial gatherings.

So there’s mine. Fairly tangible and definitely able to hold me accountable, I hope to keep good on my resolution. What will yours be?


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