Heart Vs Head: Battle Royale

In this corner we have the current underdog dressed up in grey , weighing in at a massive 1.3kg yet quick and resourceful, we have the brain! Often overlooked and underestimated, it’s rise to the top has come swiftly in the last few battles.

And in this corner, we have the reigning champ sporting its favourite colour red tonight, coming in at a mere .2 kg yet as complex and forceful as any other, the heart! Small and light, it’s championed over the most difficult opponents. After recovering from a minor stab, he’s healed up nicely these last few months and is ready to take on his opponent

Tonight it all comes down to this head to heart match. Who will come out on top and win the grand title?!


Instinctively, I’m a natural follower of the heart. Impulsive, passionate and emotional were always ways to describe my approach to love and life. It’s instinctive and the strongest force within me. It simply can’t be ignored. However, we all know the perils of following your heart too often and the emotional and irrational messes it can sometimes lead to. How many times have you gone with your instinct, with what you heart told you to do only to end up in emotional turmoil? *raises hand* I’ve been there too. So I’m doing my best these days to let my head lead for once. Emotional reactions and expectations aside, I’m trying to lessen my impulses and think things through. Does that mean I never take leaps? Heck no! I probably still take just as many but I do it for the right reasons not because it just feels right at the time.

There is such a thing as being too cautious, guarded and emotionally blocked though. People who always lead with their head sometimes get trapped, become emotionally unavailable and often unapproachable. Humans were made to feel, it’s what differs us from other species. We feel and can express it in many different ways. Bottling oneself up is no good either.

So no matter which one you lead with, learn to lead with the other once in a while. You’ll find each has their separate benefits.

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