Dano and Chloe, the cats in my life

This picture is simply too cute and makes me reminisce on my experiences with cats.

Last year I lived  with a roommate who adopted a stray kitten off the streets and took it into his home. Despite not really being allowed by the landlord, the kitty managed to remain in our apartment, much to the dismay of my parents. It was my first time not only living with a pet but just being around one as my parents were never fond of us having or being around pets growing up. My sister and I never complained much though as we were never keen animals lovers and sought to do other things with our time than take care of one.

This kitty was a girl and her name was Dano. She was loud, needy, playful and constantly wanted to be around you. For my sake, she was luckily a really friendly cat. I spent most of my time in my room and since I wasn’t comfortable having her be all over my things and meowing constantly as I tried to do work, I kept her out of my room a lot. When I ended up moving out a few months later, I came to miss her.

In my new apartment, I have a new kitty, Chloe. A beautiful cat with stunning eyes, much like the cat in the photo. She’s well-mannered, super quiet (I almost think she’s not around anymore), and well-trained. She roams her side of the apartment waiting for my roommate to get home, with an expression similar to the cat in the photo as well lol. Every once in a while she’ll peek out of the room and sit right at the end of the hallway and watch me as I pass from room to room, staring intently. I call for her but she never comes. I suppose she’s afraid to step on my side of the apartment as she’s been well-trained to keep to her side. I don’t dare approach her because she either quickly runs away if I even move one step closer to her or she has this look to her as though she’s about to pounce on me if I make one wrong move.

At the end of the day, I like having her around though I certainly miss the needy company of Dano. Maybe with time she’ll warm up to me since it has only been a week of us being around each other. And despite being terrified around pets sometimes, I do enjoy their company when I’m home alone most  days.

If anyone has tips on how to make friends with a cat, let me know lol


P.S. This is Chloe!


2 responses to “Dano and Chloe, the cats in my life

  1. Hey, my friend wants to know what type of cat that is in the picture. And is the Dano or Chloe?

    • I got the picture off a website a long time ago. Neither of them is this cat although Chloe looks very similar.
      tell your friends to add Jara Mae Inc on their facebook! :)

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