Baby, When the Lights Go Out….

Thunderstorms come and go but sometimes they're severe enough to cause a power outage, usually at an inconvenient late night hour when you're not quite asleep but certainly too dark to see in front of you.

For a world so heavily connected to everything electronic, how does one cope during a temporary loss of power?

Plasma Nightlight

I'm a cheater when it comes to power outages. My laptop has a decent battery life and usually last longer than the outage. If that wasn't enough, my house has back up internet. Don't ask me how it works…it just does. So while everyone else shuts down, I can continue to check up on the latest happenings on Plinky ;) Lucky me right?

Now before that latest upgrade, I used to occupy myself with watching it rain. Rain can be rather beautiful and calming so long as you're indoors and protected of course. Sitting in the dark alone with my thoughts, the world quiet from the normal whirl of activity.

Power outages are just mother nature's direct way of reminding you that there's more to life than what's run on electricity. Remember to slow down once in a while :)

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