Differences in Beliefs

Religion is such a touchy topic these days. As the world develops and progresses further into the future, many people are distancing themselves from the beliefs and traditions of the past. Where do you stand? Does God, Allah, Buddha or some other entity drive your life? Or maybe you focus more on the spirits, souls, fate, signs of the universe? Maybe you only believe in the power of your own capability, answering to no other being. Perhaps you have a deep connection to ghosts, fortunes, psychic abilities.

Whatever it is, do you reflect on it often? Was it something you choose or something other people imposed upon you? Have you switched your beliefs as you grow older or maybe a life changing experience has showed you a different light?

What do you believe in?


I am raised devoutly catholic. Since my existence, I have not known a world without God, church, and the Bible. My friends, my family, my education, even some of the places I've visited have revolved around the catholic faith. It's all I've ever really known and to me, I find it kinda sad.

My first encounter with people my age of a different faith didn't come until about the 11th grade which is also conveniently the year I took world religions. I aways knew they were out there but didn't know much more than that. I took the time to develop my knowledge and properly question my faith and why I practice it.

As a result, I do not practice my faith as often as it is required. However instead I go out and question it, study it, examine it from all view points. A journey dedicated to learning the truth and the reason why I remain in my faith. Something most people don't do it. They take their faith for what it is, often unaware of the other ones around them and proclaim it to the high heavens.

I don't believe that my faith is the one true faith not do I believe that any others is more 'right' than mine. Inherently I believe all faiths are tied to several fundamental truths about our existence, how we should behave and how we should prepare our lives for what may or may not come next. I also feel that it is important to believe in something. To have a moral guiding light and a conviction that drives you to the best loving and positive person you can be. I think everyone needs a comforting thought in the middle of the night and a reason to wake up the next morning.

For some people that means praising to God, others its thanking the universe while other still just chalk it up to their own strong will.

At the end of the day I think I am a mix between all possibilities. I try to stay open minded about something like religion for none of really know the true answer, only what our hearts tells us to be true. Our convictions lead us to believe certain things over others and gives stronger explanations that what some people might hold.

Religion or not, I think faiths of all version are teaching the same thing which is to love and treat one another with respect and dignity. Whether this pleases a God or just yourself, at the end of the day, it's the only thing that matters


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