It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….

me flying through the sky.

Super powers are hard to come by so wouldn't it be even cooler if you got to PICK! As if someone just had them lying around and you had first choice. Supersonic hearing, invisibility, super strength, ability to shoot lasers with your eyes…there's so many cool ones out there. Which would you pick?

S is for Superman

If I was a superhero, I think hands down I'd go with flight and travel around the world. Soaring above the sky, free to roam where I please, seeing the world, a dream come true. Is there anything really better.

Next up, I'd choose the ability to read minds (in addition to the ability to turn it on and off when need be) That way I know the truth and be true to reality. There are so many useful things you could do with this ability but best of all, is just to be able to cut the crap.

and I think if I had one other pick, I think it would be the ability to have whatever food I want appear in front of me when I want. lol Because I'm a fat kid and food on demand just sounds pretty great :)

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