For F’s sake, just answer the goshdarn question!

FCUK – try as you might but you know exactly what the first word that popped into you head when you read that despite its alternative spelling. So clearly swear words can't be avoided, whether you use them or encounter someone who does. But do you find them useful or are limiting your usage these days? Where do you stand on the muthaeffing line? :)

When only swearing will do

Shizz, Fudge, Goshdarnit, MuthaF, Biatch….

These are my versions of swearwords. Now I'm not against swear words on the condition that they are used to express frustration or directed towards innate objects. But take that swear word and direct it towards people, issues, animals…etc and its just uncalled for.

For example:

Shizz, I effing sprained my ankle on this effing step. Goshdarnit. is by all means acceptable

Any other use, even frustration towards a person is just plain rude and disrespectful. No matter how much you dislike a person, swearing at them/about them is not necessary.

It shows a great deal of class to stray away from profanity. Certainly is a turn off when I meet guys who can't seem to stop swearing. Can't exactly bring him around the folks :P

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