Oh to sleep another day…

I am forfeiting sleep to write. This is a horrible idea as it is way pas my bedtime and I am in fact, sleepy. But blog posts everywhere from everyone encourage me to press on and attempt to write about something. My drafts box keeps filling up as many attempts are made at writing new things, yet go unfinished. Instead I see a new topic to write about, start a new post, enter the title, add a line or two and then inevitably move on to something else that needs my immediate attention. And although this route has proved to remain productive  for me in my life  as I attend to the preparation for school, it makes me feel as though I’ve  failed once again as a writer to remain  consistent. My pre-written posts are running out and I’m  feeling the pressure to write again  and although  Idon’t lack the  desire,  I lack the time and the energy. By the time I can finally get around to writing, the night has  taken over me and off to sleep I go. I suppose there are far worse  things in life but being unable to write something every day leaves a considerable void in my soul, one  that I suspect will not get  filled soon as school looms in the near distance. Time’s a ticking and there are many posts to be written…if only I could find the time.


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