I’m on a horse.

What three animals would make for awesome super pet? hmmm, let's investigate

That Old Spice man

I'm not keen on pets to begin with. Not that I don't find them adorable. I just think I'd do a horrible job of taking care of them. How am I supposed to know what it is that they want? At least a baby I can figure out.

So I'm going with practicality and functionality in this decision and combining the seemingly most productive animals out there to create my super pet.

It would be part cow, part chicken and part horse.

Cows would obviously help produce milk for me, keep my grass trimmed and basically keep to themselves.

Chickens will give me lots of fresh eggs to also use in my meals and don't require too much playing or caring for.

and a horse because…. well Old Spice commercials have convinced me that sitting on a horse is cool. *thumbs up*

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