Garage sale anyone?

I find homes in general to be overly cluttered. Maybe I have have far too minimalist a view on living spaces but who wants to be surrounded by so much junk. Especially in bedrooms and kitchens (the two most used spaces in a home, in my opinion) a serious de-cluttering is in order.

At the beginning of summer, I tend to do a cleaning of my entire closet, trying on clothes to see if they still fit or are to my liking. I certainly clear out a good chunk every year

I understand that knowledge is power but certain books have a limited shelf life. Things that are dated from years ago definitely need to be tossed out. There are tons of computer books in my home to which the software it refers to is non-existent anymore. Talk about hoarding!

Now I understand the usefulness of some of these products so my ultimatum is to either organize it properly or toss it out. I hugely dislike cluttered counter tops and different packaging for spices, jars, condiments..etc. A messy place translates to a messy mind and the last place you want to be frazzled is in the kitchen as you attempt to make food.

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