Craziest thing you’ve done for love?

Now I’m a believer that love has no limits: distance, time, age…etc. Of course not everyone is of the same idea, especially at the lovely age of 20 but I’ve always been a hopeless romantic this way.

I often get asked, by curious potential love interests, what lengths I’ve gone to for love and it’s actually an interesting question to ask someone the next time you get a chance. It reveals a lot about a person’s ability to love, be adventurous and be passionate. So my story, in brief, is as follows:

Growing up I spent a lot of time talking to people online from all over the world. I wasn’t deprived of friends locally; just found it unique to share stories about how people conduct their lives overseas, in other countries. I’ve met many wonderful people and one boy in particular. Now before I get questioned, yes I do talk primarily to boys online (there’s not exactly a lot of dudes looking to talk to other dudes and the same goes for girls). No, it is not in search for love.  Some things just happen that way. Well this one guy was from London, England, my age and rather charming.

From the first night that we talked, we were rather flirty with one another. Just harmless fun. We talked often thanks to a workable time difference and became fast friends. We even went on webcam together a few times just to make the conversation a little more…real. Long story short, we ended up crushing on each other pretty badly but there’s only so much you can do that far apart. A year later into our complicated love affair, my parents provided me with options as to where to go on vacation. It’s pretty obvious that my instant pick was London and I even surprisingly admitted to my parents that there was a guy there I was keen on meeting. He gave me his number and arranged to try and find a time to get to meet.

When I got there, I messaged him when I could (there’s far more things to see in London than just a boy. This girl has some of her priorities straight lol) and got in a few phone calls when I could. His voice was incredibly sexy in that deep British accent which only made me gush more and the flirting only enhanced at the thought that we were only minutes apart from each other. My parents, being wildly un-protective for maybe the first or second time in my life gave me permission to basically run through London with the boy if I wanted to so long as I came back to the hotel at a decent hour. Sadly, I never did get to meet him. I had things to do, he had a tournament to go too and time ran out. I was heartbroken at the end of the trip but took it for what it was.

Despite the disconnect, I’m proud of myself at a mere 16/17, I was willing to go to London for fleeting love, to know I pretty much did everything I could to make that moment happen. So for me, it was a definite success and stands as the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love.

How about you? :)


5 responses to “Craziest thing you’ve done for love?

  1. A hopeless romantic myself, and only a couple years older than you, I really enjoy these topics. At one point in my life, I was seeing a girl who was someone I felt I really bonded with, and I fell fast. I found out she was in a bad home situation with her folks. So I proposed to her. Not because she asked, or because I felt the time was right. Because I knew it was the right thing to do, and because I loved her. She ran off two weeks after I married her, likely due to her own emotional complexities, and I never saw her again until I was petitioning the court for a divorce months later. But I never once regretted that jump I made, the risk I took, in the name of love. – Jacob.

    • Oh wow, what an incredible story. My jaw has totally dropped at the total leap that you took in the name of love. I hope life and love has treated you kinder since that event. If you have any more stories to tell, feel free to do so. I’ve got a few more, and certainly creating as I go :)

      • Well, it’s hard to top that one. I’ve only been in love twice. The next best one I’ve got would have to be my senior year of high school, when I was up on stage for a school event, and last minute decided to drop all plans, grabbed the mic and told my best friend (and my entire high school) that I was in love with her.

        I’m an absolute believer in the insanity of love. It’s a great thing. While I haven’t been lucky enough to find my way in that aspect of life, or been “treated kinder” since the event in my initial post, I certainly am hopeful to have more events like these that I can highlight, looking back on what I’ve done with my life.

        Share your stories, it’d be great to hear them. Jacob.

      • I’ve only really been in love once. My adventure in London, although romantic in theory, was more or less just a hopeful wish for something that never came to be. At best, it could be reflectively labelled as young wishful love but not true love.

        I’ll share another cute love crush story. I wrote it about a year ago when reminiscing on my run-ins with potential loves. It wasn’t written for an assignment although I think its the style of writing i had in mind and it is of course true. It was titled ‘Piece of Heaven’

        I don’t believe in love at first sight and although I probably never will, there’s this boy who makes me think otherwise. I don’t know his name nor does he know mine. All I know is that every day at quarter past 8 in the morning, he can be found standing at the entrance of my school looking like a piece of heaven. Each day I am conflicted with the decision to arrive early and manage to get to class on time or come late and risk getting a detention but have the opportunity to run into him. Let’s just say I’ve been late quite a few times this year so far. He looks at me each morning when I walk in and I can feel his stare as I walk down the hallway. I’ve had the fortune of running into him a few times while changing classes between periods. In fact I see him more and more each day. I think I’ve become slightly infatuated with trying to find him, creeping around the hallways looking for him. Ironically enough I spend so much time looking for him, that when I do find him I end up pretending to ignore him or give him a mean stare. I suppose it’s my way of trying to hide what I’m feeling, afraid that he might be able to see right through me. People have asked me things regarding him. I simply reply that I do not know, nor do I care. I don’t suppose I want to ever find out anything about him; I don’t want to know his flaws. All I’ll ever need to know is that he can be found quarter past eight in the front of the school…possibly waiting for me to pass by.


  2. That’s sweet. I liked the London story – there’s nothing like the essence of a youthful crush. And perhaps it’s the mystery of never finding these things out that makes it still hold a certain bliss. -Jacob

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