Home Sweet Home

I couldn't possibly pick just one dream home. Afterall, you don't have just one dream in life. So I'll try to make this brief and concise so as not to bore you with the finite details of my dream home. Besides, it's not likely you'll be living in it with me anyways :P

Historic Stinchcomb Mansion and victorian gardens in downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I think of life in two stages when it comes to your housing situation…well actually three.

The first stage is your family home, where you grew up and were raised. Whether you moved a lot or stayed in one place your whole life, you had very little say about it all. Your parents picked out where you lived and what kind of home you were provided with.

The second stage is your single, young adult household. For me, I have always dreamt about living in a downtown condo placing far more emphasis on location and view over how much space I actually got. Certainly won't have the money to afford some mansion in the sky so even a studio apartment would do. Ultra modern and very minimalist.

However as I grow older and life becomes more realistic, I've discovered that investing in a nice small home with my sister seems more economically sound. In recent months we've been talking about it more as she'll be heading to university soon which is only a small step away from full adulthood. We fight constantly about the type of home we'd want as our ideas are similar yet still conflicting. We both have strong personalities and strong tastes so its still up for debate as to how it would all end up.

The final stage is your family home (for those intending to have a family). What's the most ideal? Well probably the picture above shows it all. I'd love to live in a Victorian mansion, wrap around porch, a few acres to my name with a small farm out back. Although rustic and charming on the outside, inside would be filled with modern touches; bringing the city feel to the country living. I think this is the ideal kind of place to raise a family.

So that's it in a nutshell. Here's hoping I get to live in something similar for the future.

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