Vegetarianism: Part 1

Only a few weeks left before I embark on the journey of transitioning my eating lifestyle into a whole different direction. That’s right, I’m going vegetarian.

Why may you ask? Well there’s a few reasons.

I am currently trying to go through a detox in every aspect of my life, reshaping the way I think, the way I feel, my future goals, my relationship/friendships…etc and figured that this was next on the list. I want a cleansing of my body and there’s no better way than to adopt as close to an organic, vegan lifestyle as you can. Now unfortunately I can’t go that far just yet but it’s a potential goal for the future. For now I’m settling on vegetarianism.

Another reason that’s more of a side bonus than a true reason is that I do in part believe that by involving oneself with the mass industrialized factory farming that sustains pretty much the entire world, I’m feeding into a capitalism that only serves to deteriorate the overall well being of mankind….or at least this is what I’ve been told by the many many documentaries I’ve watched regarding animals rights and farming. Now I’m not the type of activist that wishes to impose this kind of thinking onto others. If you want to eat meat, hey that’s your prerogative but this is my life and this is how I want to be involved with humanity. Truthfully, I’m not even a big animal lover but God, watch enough of those documentaries and you can’t help but be sympathetic towards their lives.

At the very least, I think it’s in the best interest of everyone that if you’re going to participate in the killing of animals for mass consumption at least be an activist for both humane upbringing and humane slaughter. If they’ve gotta go, be sure that it’s done right. Force fed genetically modified crap just so they can be extra plump for the consumer seems far too cruel. And after seeing what they endure, they seem hardly appetizing, unsure that they’re even safe to eat by the way they’re treated and handled.

Those who oppose to vegetarianism remark the argument that we are all animals and humans  just happen to be at the top of the food chain. All other animals were placed on earth for our consumption and care. But it seems to me that the mass production of animals wasn’t their original intention. They were placed here to help sustain life and put in their own mark in the world’s ecosystems. The idea of humans eating meat isn’t exactly bad; it’s the knowledge that so many people do so in overzealous amounts. Is a 72 oz steak served at some restaurants really necessary?

I delved into a little research and sought to find out how much meat you’re supposed to be eating from a healthy standpoint and although many of the answers varied, the general guide given on the standard ‘food pyramid’ we’ve all known since elementary days suggests something like 2-3 servings a day. Problem is a) most people eat way beyond this amount often interpreting 2-3 servings for 2-3 times per day or b) they don’t eat meat alternatives such as beans, lentils..etc which are emphasized over meats themselves. Meat also holds a great deal of fat and cholesterol. Something our growingly obese society is often criticized for.

I also believe in the argument that if people had to kill  for their own meat, there would be far more vegetarians in the world because its one thing to pick it up at the grocery but a whole different thing when you have to look at it in the eye and kill  it yourself. If I had to rely on my own two hands to kill my meat, especially now after so many years desensitized to their pain and suffering, not only would I probably give up meat; it would be a wonder if I could ever stomach anything ever again.

That said, this is going to be a slow process. You can’t exactly wipe out an entire food group and think that the body is going to be happy about it. I’m going to take it slow and make sure that I get the right nutrients and supplements to maintain health because after all, meat does have some nutritional value to it. I just think  that there are better alternatives. To hell with what nature says, I by no means was meant to be a hunter.

Humans are populating far more than nature can withstand and we fail to make the connections sometimes  that if they go, we do too. We’re all in this together, trying to survive. As for me, I can’t look at meat the same anymore. I can’t  really eat it both knowing what it does to me and what the animal has had to endure to get there so if me going vegetarian can at least save a few chickens and cows that would have been eaten at my hands, then that’s the least I can do. But whatever, that’s just my two cents on the topic.

This is one of the many things I’ve watched over the last year to influence me to this choice. watch if you dare, it’s rather graphic and distrubing…poor poor animals :(


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