30 Day Challenge – Day 20 – Hobbies and Sad Songs

Day 20 topic: A hobby of yours

An apparent hobby of mine is writing/blogging. I’ve been writing online for many many years starting off in livejournal years ago. I’ve gone through different phases, closed various journals down but tried to always keep writing. After a long break and a lack of  inspiration during my first years of university, I’ve regained my interest in the last year, enjoying this documentation of my thoughts and actions. Admittedly, I’m not quite as consistent as I should be (there are other things in life to be doing) but I remain my pursuit of coming back. I’m trying to branch my writing in all different areas and hey, who knows. Maybe someday someone will pay me to write all this junk lol

Another hobby of mine is music/singing. It’s more of a hidden talent as I rarely perform for anyone. But even after piano lessons stopped, I continue to learn new pieces and play every chance I get. It’s tough since I  can’t exactly pack a piano away with me and keyboards just aren’t an option for me but I make time when I can. I learned two new pieces this summer so back on the back for me on that one.


looking back on some of the missed days, I decided to do one of them in here as well. Day 16’s topic was a song that made me cry or nearly. I thought I had answered this in a previous post but realized later on that I probably wrote about this somewhere else so here goes. (btw, you’ll find they’re all country songs…because that music touches my heart)

Blaine Larsen – How do you get that lonely is a deeply touching song. His smooth sexy voice melts your heart and the message of the song is deeply saddening especially if you’ve known anyone who has committed suicide or has gone through their own struggles of depression, yourself included. It puts into the words the pain of feeling so hopeless. The first few times I listened to it I cried.

Both are beautiful songs from a father’s perspective singing about their daughters. I was very much a daddy’s girl growing up and always imagined dancing with my father to one of these songs on my wedding day. Certainly takes you back.

This song is actually making me cry as I listen and write this. I can’t explain my connection to this song and why it affects me too much. It would be too hard to put into words. It’s not because I directly relate to it but because someone close to me does and so I feel their pain through this.

So those are some of the songs that can bring me to tears. It’s not often that music can do that for me.


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