30 Day Challenge – Day 19 – Talent

Day 19 topic: A talent of yours

So you may have noticed that I skipped a good amount of days in-between. No, it wasn’t due to laziness. It was a direct decision as I found the topics on those days to be redundant to things I’ve already written about. I was actually pretty disappointed and tried to look for other versions of the challenge in hopes of finding alternatives  but came up with nothing. Oh well. No harm done. There’s enough Plinky posts to satisfy.

As for my talent, I think one of my more hidden talents is my photography skills. Self taught and still up for debate whether I’d actually consider myself talented but thus far, I’ve heard good  things from loving supporters. I don’t plan on becoming famous because of this so I’m not sweating it. Just trying to have fun while I can. Anyone need their photos done? :)


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