Hold me close, love and let’s have some fun tonight.

It’s a cold winter day/night and your fingers and toes are about to fall off. PIling on the blankets can get uncomfortable you can only turn up the heat so much. Besides with HST in canada now the already crazy prices, heating can get a little pricey. What’s the sure fire way to stay warm in the winter?

It’s cuddle time baby!

I love sweaters, and easily reach for 3 blankets at night but sometimes it can get uncomfortable and leave little room on your already small bed. Hot chocolate is totally yum but I don’t need a chocolate addiction at the end of every winter.

For me, the only way to go is to snuggle up close and create some serious body heat, clothing optional of course ;). Whether with a friend or a certain lover, I can’t help but crave the emotional and physical comfort of another on a cold night. In fact, more often than not, with the combination of blankets, the heat can sometimes get to be too much to handle.

It’s comfortable, relaxing, creates a stronger bond between two people, shows how trusting you are and best of all, costs nothing for all that lovely heat.

So next time the temperature drops, just hold someone close :)

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One response to “Hold me close, love and let’s have some fun tonight.

  1. I totally agree, that is why winter is the best season. ;)
    Although I am all for chocolate addictions too, they are not that hard to handle, I’ve had one all my life.

    Keep writing please :D

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