Planes, trains and automobiles…scratch that!

I’m partly to blame for my mode of transportation so I can’t exactly be complaining that I can’t drive to get where I need to go.

See the story is, I either lived on or fairly close to university campus and fortunately one of the highlights of that school was the ease of accessibility. You could walk from one end of campus to the other within 10 mins and you normally didn’t have to make that kind of a journey. To head back home, I always opted to walk, take the bus or bike it when the weather is cooperating. Even back at home with my family, I usually just take the bus to work or to where my friends live so I never got that push to learn to drive. I’m even more fortunate in the fact that my parents still drive me where I need to go (rather reluctantly I might add) or my awesome who simply love me to pieces, are willing to pick me up just so we can hang out.

In other words, I’ve been pretty spoiled in the transportation department. You won’t catch me complaining though because I know if I really had places to be and people to see, I’d get myself off the couch and learn to drive asap.

I promise I’ll get there in due time. It is definitely an essential life skill to have. Can’t rely on someone else to do it for you forever, unless you’re stinking rich. But hey, even the Queen of England knows how to drive herself so I best learn it too.

Watch out folks and drive with caution, I’ll be hitting those roads soon!

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