To heck with blueprints, let’s start from scratch!

Looking again at the overall consensus, it seems for the most part, environment has been winning out, with a good majority trying to straddle the fence and head for the middle route in their explanations. And I too, wholeheartedly support the grey area in between but for argument's sake. I've chosen a side. And well, environment won out for me.

Maybe 50 years ago I might have argued otherwise. I think today and every day after, our world advances further into a realm of unlimited possibilities. Are they all morally right possibilities? Maybe not. Are they all feasible possibilities? The verdict is still out. But overall, our world is continually grasping further into the future and altering our lives as we know it.

Genetics provides the blueprints for our lives. Parts of our genetic code turn on while other are off and some with the possibility to switch under certain circumstances. This genetic make up helps to predispose us to certain elements or factors of life over others. It's possible down the road that our genetics might cause us to be more prone to cancer, lose eyesight, go bald at an early age, or be more immune diseases. And by no means should we ignore what the world has given to us to begin with. But with every plan in life, you can change the odds, make something different and hopefully go in the opposite direction of where it says you're heading.

Yes, it's true, you may never be the 6'5 you've always dreamed of being and nothing could really nurture you to reach that height if you were genetically destined to be somewhere in the mid-5'. However, there are far more factors to consider in your environment over your genetics. For example, eating right and ensure that you weight is at an appropriate level could mean the difference between being 5'9 or 5'11. Not saying all short people are obese but you kind of get the idea.

And maybe diabetes runs in your family (as it does mine). Your diet, lifestyle, activity level all factor in when it comes to when or if you'll get diabetes. Keeping all those things in healthy ranges could mean the difference between getting it in your 20s or getting it in your 60s. Or how about the risks of getting lung cancer. You certainly increase it by smoking 3 packs a day, even if it didn't run in your family to begin with.

Your life is what you make it. There are medical marvels happening all the time. If life gave you a crooked nose, missing teeth and grey hair early in life, there are cosmetic/surgical things that could improve that for you. You could be a whole different you if you really wanted.

I don't believe in just sitting back and saying to yourself it is how it is because its not. It's what you make of it. Nothing is 100% controllable but we're far more in control of our lives than we think we are especially as new products, procedures, medication and treatments pop up everywhere.

Personally, my genetic make-up is horrible. With severe cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease, acne, joint problems and I'm sure a few others. But I work hard to ensure my life is healthy. If that means eating foods with low sugar levels, avoiding alcohol, learning stress tactics to stay calm or working out, then that's what it takes. I won't allow myself to fall into the traps of genetics and I'll fight it every step of the way. I want old age to be my reason for going and not because of something I could have had a hand in preventing. But hey, that's just me. :)

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