Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to roll your eyes? *rolls eyes*

Oh man, what a question.

Wiltcie eye-rolls!

I often take the time to sift through the answers before thinking about my own here on plinky. I suppose it gives me inspiration, puts me in the mood for writing and more often than not, brings a smile to my face to see what others have to say. This question was no exception.

There are some easily ticked off people surfing through plinky, ready to roll their eyes at a moment’s notice. But what does it for me? I had to think long and hard and actually remember the last time I did it. It’s such a quick an secretive gesture, it’s sometimes hard to catch, both in others and in yourself.

I actually did a little bit of research and wanted to look up the socially accepted meaning behind the act of rolling your eyes to try to distinguish it from the typical annoyance. I found the defintions…

‘you don’t believe someone or aren’t interested in what they’re saying.’

‘An expression of dismay or exasperation’

That certainly put it into a little more perspective so…after some careful thought, I think I’ve come up with a few answers…

People and definitely in particular, men, who go sporting around a big ego get a major eye-rolling from me. Both in silly or serious natures, it’s guaranteed to get an eye-roll. Things like ‘I guess i’m just that good looking’ (insert eye -roll) OR ‘i know you can’t help but be attracted to me’ (double eye-roll for emphasis please) I have many guy friends who can’t seem to help coming up with these cheesy, sickening lines. And I laugh and smile sometimes, but I definitely eye roll every time. Give it up boys, I don’t want to get into your pants :P

People who think they are too smart for the rest of mankind also get an eye-roll. Good for you for remembering 150 math formulae and solving a Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds. That’s great that you can debate with exact quotes and statistics on the benefits of hybrid cars on the road. I simply do not care! I like the odd new fact here and there. I have a passion for cooking so if you want to spill your guts on your fav recipes and cooking techniques, then let’s have it. But please take your other interests elsewhere, especially if you’re the narrow-minded kind who simply won’t let me get a word edge-wise with you. you’re only destined for an eye-roll from me.

And let’s not forget a classic and pay homage to our dear mothers/fathers/guardians who never fail to come up with some chore or lecture that sucked the very joy of our childhoods, your only way of coping was to roll your eyes, mumble something incoherently (of course always to the tune of some vengeance of how you’ll have children of your own someday and never treat them like this) and simply walk away. God, I’ve been guilty of that far too much in my life. anyone else? :)

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