Green was always my favourite colour

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a jealous or envious person…at least not in the materialistic sense.

Flaunt your money, throw diamonds in my face, roll up in your tricked out brand new Bentley and wonder in amazement as I sit there and say ‘ummm…good for you?’

The finer things in life are grand and all, and for those of you who have been blessed enough with it, congrats. For those trying to make it, good luck to you but at this point in my life, I just don’t care for it. (Some money would help pay tuition though, any generous donors?)

At the end of the day, that thing that really make me green with envy is talent. So it’s more like jealousy mixed in with admiration and a dash of inspiration. I see talented people all around me, especially those closer to my age and revel in their awesomeness, wishing and cursing myself for not learning that other language, picked up that other instrument, woke up at dawn to head to some sporting practice and overall didn’t pursue everything I could when I was younger and had been the best at it.

Mind you, I’m no lazy bum. I’ve got my own list of achievements to be proud of. Some might say it excels beyond the average joe but when you meet a young person who’s got their own business, advancing the medical research field, performing in some broadway musical or headed off to the Olympics, it makes you wonder if you could have done it. If you had what it took to make it big in something other than what you’re already doing. It’s a shame you only have so much time, so many things you can pursue in a lifetime. I wish I could be 10 different people, feed off of the experiences of others and basically relive my life 50 times doing everything differently.

I’m an overachiever in theory and nothing gets me more than to see someone excel in their own talents and make me wish every day that I could be them.

That said, I love who I am too. Who knows, maybe someone is jealous of me. eat your heart out! :P

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