30 Day Challenge – Day 6 – ‘Til Death do us part

Day 6 topic: Whatever tickles your fancy

My mother brought something very powerful to my attention the other day when it came to love and till death do us part.

For most people, they share the sentiment that if they had to choose between the one they love and or themselves as to who they would choose to die first… many people would quickly claim that they would rather be first to die. That way their loved one  could live a little longer, and not have to go through the pain and suffering that death endures. Would you share this sentiment?

How about the other side? Would you choose their life over yours? Sound highly cruel at first but give it some thought. Another big fear that people share is leaving their loved ones behind, wondering and worrying who will be able to take your place and care for them in the special way that you do. Would you choose death for your loved one so that they do not endure a death alone? So that one day when your time came, you would make the sacrifice of facing it by yourself and instead giving your partner or loved one, someone to hold onto in their final moments, a loving and friendly face to look onto as they close their eyes one last time…

What would you choose?


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