30 Day Challenge – Day 4 – Book

Day 4 topic: Your favourite book

It’s hard for me to pinpoint any specific book that I would deem an ultimate fav over the rest. With more  and more books out each and every day, I haven’t really had the chance to reread anything I simply adored. And with the conclusion of every book, comes another favourite of mine that I simply adore for its own reasons.

My tastes in literature have changed over the year but has always remained within the field of best-sellers or trendy hits of the time. Even in my younger years, I opted to read popular novels that one wouldn’t really get the opportunity to until university or high school. Babysitters club, sweet valley high, goosebumps were never my things. Instead, Shakespeare’s work, timeless classics like A tale of two cities, Huckleberry fin, Anne Frank’s diary…etc.Not at all trying to sound pretentious, just trying to explain my tastes.

Now that I’m older a lot of the work that I read is either recommended through two main sources: school or my mother. My mother gets her sources from things like Oprah’s book club, other friends, best seller’s lists, newspaper…etc. I’ve really come to enjoy the non-fiction genre especially those that go into the study and research of human behaviour and mannerisms. Psychology and Philosophy are definite favourites of mine. So I decided to include one in the non-fiction and fiction genre for this post. These were two that came from the top of my head and not necessarily all time favs of mine. Definitely good reads for those who haven’t yet had the chance.

First up is one of my favourite fiction books. Written a few years ago, I loved this book long before it was even in the works of becoming a movie. I was actually quited shocked that it became one, not because I didn’t think it was good enough but I hadn’t realized that its fame had preceded itself worthy of being turned into a profit bearing blockbuster hit, but that’s just me I guess. I love this book for some sentimental reasons but mainly for its writing style, something the movie could never capture. Sebold’s interpretation of heaven and earth, their intertwined relationship is magically captured within these pages. Her descriptions are fantastic, bringing right into the lives of the characters and the events that take place. For those who haven’t seen the movie or read the book, I won’t spoil the details but the basics is its about a young girl who is killed and tries to find closure as she navigates through her new spiritual life, leaving her loved ones behind. It is both beautiful and magical. I was actually terribly disappointed in the movie as it wasn’t the characters nor the plot that I had envisioned but that’s typically the case with books-turned-movies. They never seem to capture is literary essence on film. I know Harry Potter fans such as my sister would attest the same thing for those books-turned-movies. I’ve read this book twice and loved it both times.

This non-fiction book has entered into a world of its own. Famed and beloved by thousands, this book will also be making its way to the big screen in a few weeks time and I simply cannot wait to see it. I read this book after it had become famous but long before it was in the process of becoming a movie and it lives up to its hype. Again not spoilers but it’s essentially about a newly divorced woman who takes a year long journey of self-discovery and rebirth as a person in order to cope with her new single life. A magical and inspirational story, I quickly fell in love with all the finite details of her journey. It’s uplifting and inspiring and I hope that someday I can make this journey. I have hopes to read it again before or (more likely) shortly after seeing the movie to see if it really depicts the story details as well as I hope. As I go through my own self discovery journey in my last few years of university, I hope to find my own sense of peace. Reading about hers gives me hope.

Again, there are so many wonderful books out there that I wish I could take the time to mention. It’s a shame how few of us take the time to read anymore, relying on everything electronic to entertain us but I challenge everyone to make time in their day to read a little. A few pages every day will go by a lot faster than you realize it and there’s a real sense of accomplishment at the end of a good book. Especially during the summer, take the time to head outside of the house, disconnect yourself from electronics and enjoy both a good book and a beautiful day :)


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