30 Day Challenge – Day 2 – Movie

Day 2 topic: favourite movie

Now this was a rather easy pick for me. Tim Burton’s film, the Nightmare Before Christmas has always been a favourite movie of mine. The creativity, the soundtrack, its production were all aspects that I truly enjoy.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it, I highly suggest that you do. It’s not as dark of a movie as it seems and all the characters are pleasant and interesting. The songs are upbeat and easy to sing along with. Since my birthday is close to Halloween, I’ve been watching this movie each year near my birthday for a long time. I sometimes watch it again during the Christmas season since it’s tied with that holiday as well. Not only do I have two copies of the movie, I have tons of memorabilia and items related to the movie. It’s a hands down favourite of mine.

Another movie that I mentioned was The Notebook. I have a special attachment to this movie that I can’t fully explain onto here but generally speaking it is a nice movie. It’s not super cheesy and there’s a good amount of romance. There’s aspects to it that young lovers can relate to. I didn’t cry when I originally watched the movie but I did so when I read the book and again when I re-watched the movie. It grabs onto your heart strings and makes you believe in the power of real true love. Everything a romance film should be about.

I love Disney movies of all kinds both the newer joined forces with Pixar such as Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. as well as the classics from early Disney such as the Lion King and the Beauty and the Beast. Most people can relate. It takes you back to your childhood where everything is possible and magical. I’ll never stop loving those movies.

I do watch almost any kind of movie with the exception of horror films. I’m too easily put on edge and get too caught up in the movie to distinguish real or fake anymore. I’m sure that’s silly of me but it’s true lol. I haven’t watched too many movies lately. I catch one whenever I can but nothing to distinguish as a new fav. But as always, there are more movies in the future to come that might change that.


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